Group online events with practices like Breathwork, Meditation, and Visualization.

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What people say... 

I am very grateful to Rio. He guided me through the power of my own breathing and guarded the space (energetically and physically), this gave me the freedom to focus completely on my inner work. He acted as guardian and as an emotional lighthouse, using different tools for me to ride the breath journey. Powerful stuff. I completely recommend Rio, and I hope I will do another breathwork with him pretty soon. Mauricio — Entrepreneur and Photographer, Peru/ USA

Río guided me on a unique journey inside myself. As a breathwork virgin I put my trust in him which he honoured and gently accompanied me as I went to depths that released a range of strong emotions and he compassionately held space for me while I experienced what was there to experience, and then softly brought me back to the entrance of the journey. That he managed to create this experience online and not face to face is a testament to how well he is able to do this work. S — Entrepreneur, UK

Breathwork it’s a powerful tool to connect, recalibrate and wake up the body in so many levels. It was really important to have someone like Rio as a guide. He made me feel safe to open up and go deeper into my inner-work during the session. I would defiantly recommend this breathwork if you are looking to healing your emotions! Peaceful soul journey :) E — Art Director, UK

I love Rio’s gentle, kind presence. In my Breathwork session from the very beginning, he harnessed a safe space to let go, to unhinge all inhibitions, to go deep to fully surrender with full compassion. There was softness yet firm guidance, like a safe hand to hold onto throughout the process. I felt so deeply relaxed, and yet energised after our session, but more than anything I felt emotionally and physically cleansed. Ana, Sociologist and Yoga instructor. Ana — Serbia / UK

I took 2 sessions with Rio and I experienced meditation and breathwork. Both sessions have been incredibly powerful. I felt a lot of energy moving in my body, a tingling sensation all over and finally I travelled to a place that I can't describe yet. Maybe it was my subconscious, maybe it was a meeting with my higher self. I like Rio's approach, the instructions were clear and he created a beautiful safe space where to experience the unexpected. The music he put together was also amazing and it really shaped the overall experience. Thank you Rio! - Martina, Yoga Teacher - Italy/ UK / Spain