Meditation Facilitator Training - Level 1

This certified training teaches how to guide Secular Meditation, a simple, science-based, and device-free way. This training is for people who already meditate regularly practice, and are want to learn how to guide others in this wonderful practice.

You may want to offer meditation to your clients, work colleagues or friends and family members. Meditation is a great tool to help people towards a clear, grounded and calm mindset!

"A great introduction to guiding meditation. I feel much more confident now to take it forward and bring meditation into live practice as well as recording my own to create a mindfulness library. Thank you Rio! "

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Who is the for?

This is suitable for anyone looking to guide others in meditation and is especially beneficial for Coaches, Therapists, Psychologists, and Well-being professionals. Meditation can help our clients feel more clear or grounded during a session.


Mediatiomn can help people become more aware of their emotions, open up to new perspectives and accepting or non-judgemental of their situation in the present moment.

Why Secular Meditation?

I love all things spiritual but the truth is that science-based meditation is more inclusinve to all, regardless of what cultural background or belief system people may have. I deeply respect the Buddhist and Yogic traditions from which meditation originate from, and I also love the science that shows the neurological effectiveness and technical approach to well-being, mental fitness and emotional intelligence.


What will be taught?

The classes will include basic theory, guided meditations, student micro-practices, class feedback, and Q&As. The program will also include resources to read or watch in between modules. Each module consists of a 2-hour session that is part theory and part practice.


  • Module 1: Fundamentals of Guiding Mindfulness and Meditation

    • We’ll review some of the science-based benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation. We will learn how to explain the breath awareness meditation process step by step and the basic guidelines for teaching others.


  • Module 2: Body awareness Meditation

    • We'll work with a relaxing meditation known as the Body Scan. We will learn its neurological benefits and how to guide it.


  • Module 3: Deep breathing Meditation

    • After learning to relax the body, we will go a level deeper and work with the breath. Breath counting is a great way to calm the mind and help people out of anxiety. Using breathing ratios we can influence the nervous system and the chemical balance in the body.


  • Module 4: Breath Awareness Meditation

    • After working with breathing ratios we can go a level deeper and start exploring the idea of awareness. We will learn to bring awareness to subtle aspects of the breathing process as a tool to focus the mind.


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Participation Requirements

This course is aimed at anyone wants to expand and deepen their relationship with meditation by starting to teach it. You must be a practicing meditator to benefit from this program. It doesn't matter if you still consider yourself a beginner, however, it does matter that you consider yourself a regular meditator. It is an advantage if you are able to practice without using a an app or a recording. 


**I especially encourage coaches, psychologists, or therapists who practice meditation that wants to offer meditation practice to their clients.**


How many students?

Up to 8 people per group only. I will open other dates if there are enough people for a new group. 


Got questions?

Please email me rio@riootoya.com

4.5/5 Student Rating

What past students say about this training

"Rio is a fantastic teacher and has taught me a great deal in this short course. My goal for doing this course was to become confident enough to lead meditations or record meditations for my clients. I certainly feel that has been achieved!"


"I know a lot more about the background of meditation, the different types of meditation, how we enter the space and lead the meditations, and more!


"The course content is perfect for beginners or people that have some knowledge but like me were lacking in confidence. I would highly recommend this course as Rio really knows his stuff and I thoroughly enjoyed it!"

The mission of this training

"I knew of Bhuddist Meditation since 1999 and of Yogic Meditations since 2011. But I discovered Secular Meditation only in 2017 while working at Google and getting involved with the workplace well-being programs and the idea of "Inclusive practices".

More recently working as a Coach, understood what a powerful meditation can be when used to help people ground and clarify emotionaly. I learned that only about 20% of the coaches I trained with knew to guide others in mindful practices!

My intention with this course is to change that and to scale the positive impact that meditation can have within society. "

About the teacher

Rio is a Transformational Coach, 3 times certified Yoga Teacher, and Healing Breathwork facilitator. He combines modern and traditional practices, merging science based and intuitive approaches. Click here for more information about Rio's background. 

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"I cherish how much Rio cares about those he works with, how precise he is with language, and how he manages to take his clients on a journey towards insight and ultimately growth. And he always does so with a smile! Thank you, Rio!"

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