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SCHOOL OF PRANA offers Healing Breathwork and practices that help us release stuck energy, trapped emotions and access our inner knowing. Prana is sanskrit for life force or energy. 


Where are we


We are residents at a creative hub in Lisbon, the base of Live Content, Luvin, and other agencies right by Santos Train Stop. We are on Number 78, R. da Cintura do Porto de Lisboa, 1200-109 Lisboa.

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About your teacher, Rio Otoya

Rio Otoya is a Breathwork Facilitator, Holistic Coach, and Yoga Teacher. His diverse background includes Indian Pranayama, Modern Mindfulness, Shamanic Healing, and Transformational Coaching. 


His Shamanic breathwork session offers a somatic energy or emotional release. His one-to-one work spiritual cochin processes focus on helping people navigate big life challenges like divorces, burnout, and career changes. 


Rio has a background as a community builder and facilitating innovation programs. He worked at Google, leading community, startup, and corporate mindfulness programs in London. More on his experience here.

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What people say

Some 5 Star Reviews from the web and DMs from happy clients:

"Awesome healing breathwork experience with Rio. You can feel his deep experience in healing/yoga. He makes you feel comfortable and the setup with music and incense is great. Also the integration at the end was well conducted. Highly recommended."

"I felt a lot of energy moving in my body, a tingling sensation all over and finally I traveled to a place that I can't describe yet. Maybe it was my subconscious, maybe it was a meeting with my higher self. I like Rio's approach, the instructions were clear and he created a beautiful safe space where to experience the unexpected. The music he put together was also amazing and it really shaped the overall experience. Thank you Rio!"

"My boyfriend and I had a wonderful breathing session with Rio. Although we have prior experience in breathing techniques, we came into the breathing session with Rio with a lot of curiosity. Rio managed to more than satisfy our curiosity and bring us to the next level. When sharing our experiences at the end of the session, Rio offered a little impromptu partner exercise. This exercise was an additionally interesting and enriching experience for us. Summarizing, I really recommend a private session with your partner as a very special partner activity."

"Amazing breathwork experience with Rio! I can't even describe how intense the session was. The only thing I can say is that I felt way lighter and positive after the session. I recommend it to anyone with anxiety, depression, PTSD or someone that is carrying negative emotional baggage from the past and is still being bothered by it in the present. Great cleaning work."


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