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SCHOOL OF PRANA offers Yoga and Breathwork practices that help us connect with our inner peace, and joy in the present moment. Prana is sanskrit for life force or energy. Asanas, Pranayamas, and Healing Breathwork help us move stuck energy and take us out of the worries of the past or future and into the power of the now.


What kind of Yoga and Breathwork


Our Yoga is traditional Hatha, from the line of Swami Sivananda and Swami Satyananda. It includes postures, yogic breathing, deep relaxation, and meditation. The Healing Breathwork we guide comes from a few western teachers and combines scientific and shamanic knowledge of breath medicine. All sessions are suitable for beginners.


Where are we


We are residents at a creative hub in Lisbon, the base of Live Content, Luvin, and other agencies right by Santos Train Stop. We are on Number 78, R. da Cintura do Porto de Lisboa, 1200-109 Lisboa.



Monday to Friday from 8:00 pm to 9 / 9:30 pm*

  • Monday: Yoga & Pranayama 60min - 15 EUR

  • Tuesday: Healing Breathwork. 90 min - 20 EUR

  • Wednesday: Breathwork Masterclass 90 min - 20 EUR

  • Thursday: Shamanic Breathwork - 30 EUR


  • Sunday 3 pm: Sunday Breathwork Gathering 20 Eur

  • Sunday 5 pm: Movement Meditation 90 mins 15 Eur

Class details and registration

Passes & Discounts 

  • ​5 class pass for 60 for the 15 EUR Classes (Yoga, Dance & Pranayama Breath Lab)

  • Healing Breathwork only: 4 sessions @ 65 EUR (Normally 20 EUR Each) 

  • Go Deep: Unlimited Pass @ 100 EUR per month​ (limited availability)

What people say

"I cherish how much Rio cares about those he works with, how precise he is with language, and how he manages to take his clients on a journey towards insight and ultimately growth. And he always does so with a smile! Thank you, Rio!"

"I felt a lot of energy moving in my body, a tingling sensation all over and finally I traveled to a place that I can't describe yet. Maybe it was my subconscious, maybe it was a meeting with my higher self. I like Rio's approach, the instructions were clear and he created a beautiful safe space where to experience the unexpected. The music he put together was also amazing and it really shaped the overall experience. Thank you Rio!"


Meditation Facilitator Training

28 & 29 January 2023

This certified training teaches how to guide Mindfulness Meditation, in a simple, science-based, and device-free way. This training is for people who already meditate regularly practice, and want to learn how to guide others in this wonderful practice.

You may want to offer meditation to your clients, work colleagues or friends, and family members. Meditation is a great tool to help people towards a clear, grounded, and calm mindset!

"A great introduction to guiding meditation. I feel much more confident now to take it forward and bring meditation into live practice as well as recording my own to create a mindfulness library. Thank you Rio! "


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