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Healing Breathwork Facilitator Training in Lisbon

Healing work is calling you you are here for a reason. Healing Breathwork is a powerful modality that helps us remove what is blocking us from our truth (fear, doubts, hesitation, trauma)  so we can access inner knowing, truth, and self-love.

As a facilitator of Healing Breathwork, you will learn how to get out of your head and surrender to the guidance of your intuition. This training gives you the skills and experience you to guide Healing Breathwork on a one-to-one basis.

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Who Is This For?

This suits people from all levels of experience. I encourage Yoga Teachers, Coaches, Body Workers, Sound Healers, Energy workers, etc to join. Healing Breathwork is incredibly versatile and compatible with other modalities.

Course Highlights

  • Engage in hands-on practice, including giving, receiving, and witnessing sessions.

  • Explore ancient Shamanic Principles and contemporary ideas in Healing Work.

  • Understand the fundamental physical aspects of Prananaya and Breathwork.

  • Dive into the energy aspects of Healing Breathwork to create profound shifts.

  • Develop intuition, energy boundaries, and presence for effective space holding.

  • Learn to guide practice sessions with insight into the stages, prompts, and protocols.

  • Participate in group discussions, feedback, and Q&A sessions for a comprehensive learning experience.


Benefits of Healing Breathwork Facilitator Training

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Do the work: Breathwork helps us free up emotional baggage and mental garbage and fosters a deep connection to inner knowing and self-love.


Increase your effectiveness as a therapist by adding Brethwork to your toolkit. Master a modality in high demand, opening doors to opportunities in the holistic wellness space.


Attract a broader client base by integrating Healing Breathwork into your existing therapeutic practice.


“I have learned that the main skill of facilitating Healing Breathwork is to learn how to get out of the way and be guided by Spirit, God, or Life Force Energy. This is not scientific training on the physiognomy of the breath. The course will offer some theoretical aspects …but the magic is in the practice!”

- Rio Otoya

Certification and Post-Program Support

  • Yes, there will be a certificate, but true skill develops through practice.

  • You will cultivate a reflective practice for authentic mastery through 40 practice sessions after the training is complete.

  • Enjoy a personalized 1-hour post-training call, 1 month later, for ongoing support and clarifying doubts.

Invest in Your Journey:

  • Group Size & Investment: Limited to 8 students for personalized attention.

  • Program Fee: 850 EUR per person for Level 1 (One-to-one Breathwork)

  • Super Early Bird 650 EUR (valid until Jan 30, 2024)

  • Early Bird: 750 EUR (valid until Feb 30)

  • Secure your spot by making a 50% deposit.

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About your Teacher

Rio is a Healing Breathwork Facilitator, Transformational Coach, and Yoga Teacher. Rio  combines ancient wisdom with modern approaches. He has a background working with startup mentoring and led Meditation programs while working with Google Europe in London (2014-2019). He founded SCHOOL OF PRANA (Lisbon) in 2022 and it quickly became the most highly rated Breathwork space.

​Rio did his first pranayama training in 2011 as part of a Yoga teacher training in India. Later on, an Ayahuasca vision led him to dive deeper into Pranayama and Breathwork. He did an advanced pranayama training in India in 2018, studied the Healing Breathwork with Erin Telford in 2019, and with David Elliot in 2020. More about Rio's experience and background here.


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Healing Breathwork Facilitator Training in Lisbon.

Fill out the form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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