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Corporate Mental Fitness: A practical introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation

A simple, science-based, and practical masterclass

About the Masterclass

The constant push for innovation and business success, if not managed correctly, can lead to unhealthy levels of stress and, even, burnout.

Turns out that the mindset of problem-solving, collaboration and creativity is the same mental state of being mindful: calm, present, open to possibilities.

This introductory session covers the core concepts of mindfulness and the basic neuroscience of meditation. It provides guided practices (simple techniques to experience the short-term and long-term benefits) and offers a few tips on developing mental fitness habits.

Being present is a powerful mental state that can help us recharge, reduce stress, increase cognition and creativity.

Why should you care about mindfulness?

The problem is that our brains evolved to survive. Our minds, in default mode, tend to react, make quick judgments, and operate in habitual patterns or autopilot. In default survival mode, our minds tend to be closed, judgemental, and stress easily under uncertainly.

When our lives depend on solving problems, creating value and navigating the new, we need our mind to be open, curious and flexible. Here is where mindful practices come into play. We can get out of survival mode by becoming present through simple techniques like slow breathing and meditation.

Mindfulness meditation is like taking your brain to the gym. Meditation can literally change be tour brain chemistry and physiology! *Watch Ted talk by Sarah Lazar at Harvard Medical School here.

Masterclass Takeaways

  • Understand the difference between Mindfulness and Meditation.

  • Understand the mind on autopilot and how to stop it.

  • Experience mindful awareness and meditation techniques without the need of an app.

  • Discover ways of cultivating mindfulness to obtain the long and short-term benefits.

About the speaker

Rio Otoya is Mindfulness Consultant and Transpersonal Coach. Rio worked for 4 years at Google, where he led startup growth programs (Launchpad) including leadership development and mentor training. He was also part of gPause, Google’s mindfulness initiative, where he trained in their science-based approach. He has led internal and external workshops internationally.

His background includes community building and facilitating interdisciplinary collaborations between technology, entrepreneurship, and creative industries. He has led internal and external workshops internationally.

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