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Breathwork 6-day Retreat & Teacher Training in Sacred Valley 22-28 Jan 2024

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Join me in the Sacred Valley, Peru, for a transformative 6-day retreat in a beautiful Ashram-style house near Urubamba. The Sacred Valley is surrounded by Apu mountain (guardian spirits), and Inca temples and is a world-class center for healing and holistic practices.
The retreat welcomes you either as a retreat attendee or as a trainee

  • Breathwork Trainee. Immerse yourself in comprehensive breathwork facilitator training. Focusing on practical skills to offer this healing modality to others. This includes all activities and training.

  • Retreat Attendee: Enjoy a few relaxing days in Peru, with the freedom to choose which activities resonate with you. All sessions are open. Participation in the breathwork facilitator training to receive breathwork guidance.

The highlights:

  • Daily morning Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, and Conscious Movement

  • Huachuma Hike. Also known as San Pedro, Huachuma is South America’s Peyote. A gentle plant medicine that helps us feel connected to the energy of nature. We can all hike and the Huachuma is optional.

  • Breathwork Facilitator Training Level 1. This focuses on how to guide breathwork for individuals or one-to-one sessions). During 3 afternoons on days 2, 3, and 5. We will cover the training in sessions of 2.5 to 3 hours each day.

Retreat Overview

Day 1: Arrival, Welcome Tea, Meet and Greet, and Despacho Ceremony.

  • Participate in a Despacho ceremony. An offering to Mother Earth, to pay our respect to the land and set our intentions for the journey ahead.

  • We will have the honor of doing the "despacho" with Quero Elder and "Guardian of the mountain", Taita Jacinto. The Queros fled into the mountains and disappeared for 500 years with the arrival of Spanish colonists. They re-emerged in the last 50 years or so so there their shamanic traditions and culture. He will offer Coca Leaf oracle readings on donation after.

Taita Jacinto and I in 2021 during a retreat.

Days 2-3: The magic is in the practice : )

  • Mornings with yoga, pranayama, and meditation to align your body, mind, and spirit.

  • Explore various breathwork techniques, including healing breathwork. We will practice the Shamanic journey (the inner advisor meditation) in the evenings.

  • Workshop / Lecture on the Shamanic Principles and Tuning into our Intuition.

  • Breathwork Training Part 1 & 2 out of 3.

Day 4: Huachuma Hike

  • Guided hike down a tranquil path, surrounded by the enchanting landscapes of Urubamba. Connect with the Huachuma or San Pedro plant medicine (optional), guided by experienced practitioners.

  • Dinner and integration circle.

Retreat grounds

Days 5: Cleansing Day & Rapeh

  • Yogic water cleansing practice in the morning followed by Yoga Nidra (deep rest)

  • Breathwork Training Part 3 out of 3.

  • Evening Rapeh Ceremony - Rapeh is a non-psychedelic medicine, tobacco powder and ashes of medicinal plants. It helps open the energy channels, feel grounded, and free from fears, doubts, or hesitation. It provides a calm meditative state for 20 -30 mins. Sometimes it helps us purge bad energy. The taking is optional.

Photo: Courtesy of Ypadu Shop (Thanks Alderico and Erick)

✨Day 6 - Closing Ceremony

  • Conclude your journey with a transformative breath meditation ceremony.

  • Join the closing circle and graduation of Breathwork Facilitators.

Healing Breathwork session during a women's retreat in sacred valley in 2021

Breathwork Facilitator Training Level 1 (BFT1) Details.

This training will empower you to guide Healing Breathwork on a one-to-one basis. In my experience, true skill develops with practice. We will learn the energetics of breathwork. How to guide the practice. We'll cover “protocols” for what to do when certain things happen during the practice. These aspects include

✨The fundamentals of breathwork

✨Energy work: Holding space, Intuition, Boundaries, Witnessing, Presence

✨Ceremony Work: The Stages of a Breathwork, Words and Silence, Healing Tools

✨Practice Practice Practice: Hands-on guidance, feedback, and protocols for different situations.

✨Group discussion and Q&A


All meals are included and the diet will be by default Ovo vegetarian. Dietary modifications (like including chicken or fish or being gluten-free) are possible upon request. We don't have a set menu but the food will be something like this:

  • Continental Breakfast with coffee, juice, eggs, and toast or porridge with fruits.

  • Lunch: 3-course meal with a starter like Causa Rellena or Salad and a traditional Peruvian dish like Locro de Zapallo (Pumpkin Stew with Rice) or Chaufa de Quinoa. Fruit salad or some kind of healthy cake or pastry for dessert.

  • Dinner, a lighter veggie meal, and soup.

  • Note: We will be able to get some local food delivered upon request. I am a big fan of the local Andean cheese, baked Andean bread, and other things.

Accommodation: Private Rooms and Dorms

  • There are 6 spots available and everyone will be able to get their own private room. They all have double beds and some have an extra bed. All with private bathrooms.

  • There are 2 "Dorm" rooms to share between 3 people.


  • The Retreat pricing includes 3 meals per day, accommodation, Retreat activities listed above & the Breathwork Facilitator Training.

  • The pricing below does not include transport to or from the venue. A private taxi can be arranged for from Cuzco for approximately 20 EUR per Person.

Private rooms with double bed & Private Bathroom

  • Super early bird: 850 EUR until the last day of November 2023

  • Early bird: 950 EUR until the last day of December 2023

  • Regular price: 1050 EUR until a week before the retreat starts or capacity is reached.

Dorms to share among 3 people. There is a male-only room and a female-only room

  • Early bird: 750 EUR available the 30 Nov. 800 until 24 Dec 2023.

  • Regular price: 900 EUR from the 1 Jan to the 20 Jan 2024

  • To book please whatsapp Rio +51996538555 and you will receive bank details or a booking link for card payment.

3 days training only - Special option only for Perviuans / local residents

  • If you live in the local area and the retreat is not for you you may attend the Breathwork Facilitator training days with meals included for 650 EURS. This includes any morning activities available. Payment in Soles or USD is possible.

  • The retreat will be in English, but some clarifications may be in Spanish. Your English level should be intermediate upwards to benefit from the retreat.

Not Included:

  • Flights to Peru, transport to the retreat venue.

  • I may be able to help you arrange a taxi. It usually costs around 100 to 150 soles or 20 to 40 Euros and needs to be prepaid.

How to book:

  • To book please email Rio at or send a DM via Instagram @rio.otoya - You will receive bank details or a booking link for card payment.

  • We can take bank transfers from accouns in EUR, US, GBP or Peruvian Soles A 2-part payment is possible with a 10% extra. That would be 50% to book and 50% a week (7 days) before arrival.

Please take comprehensive travel insurance for any medical emergency including. Proof of travel insurance will be required to participate in the retreat. I personally like

Photo: View from Maras to Urubamba by Eduardo Pedraza

Note: The itinerary on this page is subject to change slightly to manage weather conditions.

Add-ons: Therapies like Sound Healing, Floral Bath, Fire ceremony, etcwill be available at an extra cost. Details to be announced.

The Weather: You will land in Cusco City, at 3400 meters above sea level. It is hot in the sun and crisp in the shade. Sacred Valley / Urubamba, where the retreat venue is located, is at 2800 meters above sea level. The end of January is towards the end of the rainy season. Normally if it rains a bit in the morning it's sunny with blue skies in the afternoon or vice versa. Worst case scenario it gets overcast for an entire day.

Visit to Machu Picchu: Please note this is not included. You may plan to visit Machu Picchu on the afternoon of day 6 (and spend a night in Aguas Calientes) or make arrangements to go the day after the retreat ends (leaving at 6 a.m. and returning at 6 p.m.). The advice is to book your Macchu Pichu tickets on the official website first (it has specific time slots for entry) and then book the train ticket. More Information is available upon request.

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