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What is Healing Breathwork & what to expect.

Breathwork feels like pressing the refresh button - a deep release that feels like a weight has been lifted (physically or emotionally)

Breathwork is a practice to get our of our heads into our bodies. Through breathwork, we may release stuck energy or trapped tensions that may be physical, mental, or emotional. This practice can make you feel more grounded, develop a greater sense of inner calm, and feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

The practice We perform an active and rhythmic breathing technique. The practice is guided, performed lying down (floor or bed), with some gentle background music. There will be time for optional sharing or questions at the end.

What to bring to a session Have a blanket handy and some water. You may want to wear an eye mask to increase your focus on the breath and a small pillow for comfort.

Online Breathwork etiquette & prep You will get a link to the Zoom meeting space 30minutes before the session. Please be on time.

About the teacher Rio guides Yoga, Meditation, and Breathwork practices. He formerly worked at Google Launchpad, leading startup programs, and pioneering mindfulness Initiatives. Rio uniquely combines his facilitator experience with scientific and traditional-spiritual practices. He is known for his ability to create safe and intimate spaces and guide people to find their centers. Rio holds several teaching certifications in Yoga and trains with one of India’s top teachers, Rishi Vishwas Mandlik since 2011. He trained in Breathwork with the amazing Erin Telford and David Elliot, a pioneer in this healing technique.

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What type of Breathwork? “Breathwork” is an umbrella term for various types of breathing practices. Each has slight differences but share the same core principles. The Breathwork I practice is a 2 step Pranayama taught by David Elliot.

TESTIMONIALS Incredibly powerful. I felt a lot of energy moving in my body, a tingling sensation all over and finally I traveled to a place that I can't describe yet. Maybe it was my subconscious, maybe it was a meeting with my higher self. Martina - Yoga Teacher, Spain

I love Rio’s gentle, kind presence. In my Breathwork session from the very beginning, he harnessed a safe space to let go, to unhinge all inhibitions, to go deep to fully surrender with full compassion. Anna - Sociologist, UK

He compassionately held space for me while I experienced what was there to experience, and then softly brought me back to the entrance of the journey. That he managed to create this experience online and not face to face is a testament to how well he is able to do this work. Sarah— Entrepreneur, UK

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