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Develop your Intuition and Access your Inner Guidance System.

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Develop your intuition and access your subconscious wisdom with the Inner Advisor technique.

All the answers are within us, but often we can’t hear them because our ego or other distractions get in the way.

Our inner world always influences our outer world. Through a deep breathing meditation it is possible to enter a deep relaxation state where we can access subconscious information.

Once relaxed, the focus goes to visualizing an environment where we can meet different advisors.

These advisors are characters that serve as a vehicle for our intuition or inner knowing. They can be chosen beforehand but sometimes they simply emerge in the mind as we practice. We can use these advisor figures (historical or fictional characters) to bring into awareness new perspectives that we may not have considered before.

I have used this technique successfully on several occasions. For example, to mentally rehearse work conversations by visualizing conversations with famous world leaders anticipating me the questions my employers would ask me. I found clarity for a business strategy by meeting the likeness of Steve Jobs (who appeared as moody but made me see I was over engineering the whole thing).

The practice of using imagination or guided imagery is about bringing into awareness new perspectives that we may not have considered before. The process can be fun and imaginative, and it can also even be emotional and profound. I have used the technique to cut emotional cords with past relationships, or to forgive a family member. Some of my clients claim they have been visited by diseased parents and received tender words of support and wisdom about their life situations.


Research has discovered that guided imagery or visualization triggers neural firings and create mental blueprints that can facilitate future performance (physical and emotional). Visualization can help us on how we will handle any feelings of anxiety and how we’ll respond to future situations. Many peak performance athletes practice visualization or mental rehearsal as part of their training.

We can use the inner Advisor technique to find the inner calm of increasing our sense of guidance. We can use the technique to rehearse and prepare for important conversations or events. All answers are inside of us, all power comes from within.

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