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My Sacred Mushroom Cultivation Course Experience at Fungi Academy

I want to share with you my incredible journey into the world of mushrooms through the Sacred Mushroom Cultivation Course at Fungi Academy.

After spending nearly two years in the spiritual hub of Sacred Valley during the pandemic, I set off on an adventure to Guatemala in March 2022. Lake Atitlan, much like the Sacred Valley, is a captivating place that embraces the blend of local Mayan culture with an international community. The area is brimming with holistic practices like Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, Sound Healing, and other modalities.

However, among all the enchanting things I discovered at Lake Atitlan, one stood out the most - the Fungi Academy. Located on the grounds of an old Yoga ashram, this center revolves around the world of mushrooms. They offer courses on cultivating edible and medicinal mushrooms. Also, those with ceremonial or psychedelic properties. I attended their open day and I enrolled in their Sacred Mushroom Cultivation Course immediately.

A shout-out to Henri and Charlotte, my amazing teachers, who crafted a personalized 1:1 course. They taught me various essential skills, including:

  • Spore reproduction on Petri dishes, agar, and liquid culture.

  • The sterilization process, which I learned is a scientific art in itself. We cleaned everything with alcohol sprays, pressure cookers, fire, plastic covers, and air extractors.

  • Creating grain or barn jars and mono tubs, the specialized boxes of soil where the mushrooms grow from.

  • Preparing the substrate and pasteurizing it to create the ideal mushroom growing environment.

  • Crafting tinctures from dried mushrooms, preserving their potency and medicinal properties.

The most amazing Mushrooms

The knowledge and skills I gained during the course prepared me to start growing my own mushrooms. I find myself fascinated by this field, especially its therapeutic potential. I encourage you to check out the lion's mane and reishi mushrooms. Their cancer-fighting properties and immune system-enhancing qualities and mindblowing.

Taking Mushrooms & Microdosing

There was one thing I didn't learn - how to take mushrooms LOL. I know that the mushrooms themselves are great guides for that journey.I have dabbled in micro-dosing and developed my own protocols, often deviating from the established norms. Through experimentation and close attention to my body's response, I've found my unique path. I think this is the best way to approach such practices.

Speaking of micro-dosing... I tried powdered mushrooms, but the tinctures proved to be more effective and enjoyable. It can be challenging to measure unground mushrooms, but their natural flavor is the best. There was a funny incident when I took a bit too much and had to go back to my hotel because I was a bit too much.

Lesson learned: always explore these experiences in safe environments and stay close to home or your accommodation.

To wrap up, I fell in love with the world of mushrooms and their potential for personal growth and healing. Always approach mushrooms with respect, curiosity, and a willingness to listen to their wisdom.



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