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Clearing Old Patterns for Personal and Business Growth

(Originally published 15 Oct 2017)

I met a Californian entrepreneur in Bali, during my sabbatical in 2017. We talked about how Emotional Freedom helped him grow personally and in business. He says that the secret of "The Secret is clearing past traumas and old patterns:

“if your subconscious mind is not clean of past trauma, abuse, hurt, etc, you are going to spend a lot of time thinking positive, but falling into the same old traps and attracting things you don’t want in your life.”

Vin explained that once you can let go of the trigger and trauma of the past, you can end up in the most amazing events, coincidences, and rendezvous that Abraham (law of attraction advocate) talks about.

I practice yoga, meditation and law of attraction. But none of it showed me how to reprogram myself. “Faster EFT Tapping” works because it reprograms your subconscious mind, he said.

Faster EFT is a technique that mixes principles of acupuncture, NLP, energy work, and visualization to rewire our thinking associations, emotional responses, and behaviors towards specific situations. It reminded me of the hypnosis process, in a way.

Relationships, breaking old patterns, and business growth

I met this girl and we started a relationship. I thought she was the one, but months later we saw we weren’t right for each other and we ended it. It’s hard to break up, it’s scary. Relationships reflect our deepest insecurities, but there is no reason to run away from pain. It’s better to confront it and then move on.

Before, I would stay in relationships. We have these patterns that we learn and end up staying in bad relationships or situations. I had to go to dark scary places within myself to let go and heal things through tapping to be more free and true to myself. And I learned it’s ok to walk away, life is too short.

I now do the same thing in business. Business is all about relationships so the same principles apply. If you invest on emotional freedom the return of your time will be 10 fold.

Through Faster EFT Tapping my business has grown. A few months I nearly lost my his business, something wasn’t flowing. But once tapped and I cleared the fear, I turned the situation around. My energy changed, I made a couple of investments and all of the sudden started meeting all these big clients that before wouldn’t even pick up the phone.

Letting go of subconscious patterns.

It’s hard work. It’s like lifting weights. The more weight you lift the easier it gets.

But it’s hard. Stuff like bullying and abuse in your childhood impacts yours as an adult. And at some point life wakes you up and you say there has to be a better way.

I realize I am responsible for the way I feel. When you think someone is hurting you, you are really hurting yourself. Sometimes we attract certain situations, because we have patterns, learned behavior that get us back in these same situations.


Vin found EFT tapping as his way to let go of old patterns. In my case since this conversation, I have been working with Breathwork, Yogic Meditations, and Plant Medicine and found great results. Try whatever technique that you can access and see if that works for you.

Vin Bali, In his own words: “I am centered, thankful to be alive and to breathe every day. I feel very blessed. I am connected and doing the best I can. As a professional, I am an entrepreneur who is a learning machine. Books, videos, mentors, everybody can teach you a lesson if you are open enough. I run my own Limo and Party busses company in LA. I enjoy providing happiness to people.”

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