Rio Otoya

I am a Community and Well-being consultant. 

I help outstanding people clarify their paths & connect with their inner wisdom through Healing Prana Breathwork, Coaching, and Yoga.


I also mentor and consult leaders and organizations on Community Building  / Management, Startup, and Innovation Programs.


Rio is a Transformational Coach, 3 times certified Yoga Teacher, and Healing Breathwork facilitator. He combines modern and traditional practices, merging science-based and intuitive approaches. 


Rio has experience as a visual artist, community builder, and innovation broker. He formerly worked at Google leading community, startup acceleration, and mindfulness programs. Also, he has experience facilitating innovation and creative collaborations in co-working spaces and cultural institutions.


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Group Sessions


For Companies


Teacher Training

I help people navigate processes of life transformation. This may look like a having career change, starting a company, moving to a new country or ending a relationship. In fact, most people come to me to work on those exact areas. The best way to learn how to work together is to talk. Please send me an email, a text, or schedule a call below.


My work is about guiding people to find their way back home. My approach integrates healing modalities like breathwork with transformational coaching. This way we can work with the body, our energy, and our mind.

The breath is the main instrument in my work as it’s central across Yoga, Meditation, and Energy work. I rely both on science and intuition and my training is both modern and traditional.

Client Recommendations

"Rio has been part of my journey in the most difficult time of my life. He helped me to find new ways forward and keep my spirit in good shape. He took me on deep meditative journeys that lead me to discover new possibilities ... I'm incredibly grateful for all the support he gave me. " - B, Software Engineer - UK

"Rio is a coach that has a wide diverse range of skills and training. From breathwork to professional business coaching, Rio is like a Swiss Army knife. I am no longer lost, I don’t stay in the slumps as long as I used to if  I fall off track, and I am quicker to get back on track now. Overall I have more clarity and confidence. Having coaching sessions with Rio was a pivotal step in my startup business journey." - J, AI Entrepreneur - Canada

"My experience with Rio has always been excellent. Healing Breathwork, Inner advisor Meditation, Life Coaching, Yoga Asanas... the combination of all of them has helped me to find myself, to have peace when I needed it, to find the clarity that I needed. These practices allowed me to find the momentum that my life required. I recommend working with Rio to anyone who wants to align themselves, to anyone who wants more light and energy in their life." - D, Entrepreneur - Peru

Let's arrange a 60-minute FREE exploration call

Join a group Healing Breathwork Mediation practice online or in-person.

Client Recommendations

"It was really important to have someone like Rio as guidance and to hold the space making me feel safe to open up and go deeper into my inner work during the session. I would defiantly recommend these Healing Breathwork sessions if you are looking to heal your emotions!" E, Art Director. 



Community Building and Employee Well-being 

Community Building Consultant: I help brands leverage the power of community to nurture, listen and strengthen their followers, culture, or client base. I offer mentoring clinics and deeper consulting meetings to either improve a "community situation" or start a community strategy from scratch.

Holistic Coach: I offer mental fitness programs that reduce stress and improve well-being among their teams. I offer simple, science-based, and device-free practices that are inclusive to all, whether they have a belief system or not. I can offer 1-hour workshops, a series of classes, or develop an internal well-being program.

Let me know how I may help you.