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I am here to help you find your way 'back home', connect with your center, and find mental, emotional, and physical balance. I work with a variety of methods listed below. Let's schedule a call to discuss what could work best for you and a way of packaging sessions if needed.  


Sometimes life changes and it can make us feel out of balance, lost or a bit down. This can be due to a change of career, a relationship ending, losing our sense of direction or simply feeling like stress or low moods are taking too much from our energy. 


If you feel like you need an extra hand, I can help you reconnect with your inner purpose and strength by using time tested and science-based mind-body techniques. We will talk but also rely on a vast toolkit of holistic techniques. 


I show up, listen, reflect back, ask you key questions, and then invite you to get out of the mind and into the body. Sometimes this leads to the release of an emotional block, an Aha! moment, or a greater sense of clarity.

Let's schedule a free 30-minute exploration call to discuss the possibilities.


Healing Breathwork helps release stuck energy and tensions that may be physical, mental or spiritual. The practice works at times like meditation and other times as an emotional release technique. After a session, you might feel clearer, more relaxed, and grounded. 

Dreamwork, also know as Shamanic Journey or the Inner Advisor Technique uses relaxation, energy activation and visualization to go within and access helpful information stored in our subconscious mind. It can guide us, unlock limiting believes and help us gain new perspectives 

Reiki is a method of channeling universal energy (Ki or Prana) to aid healing processes that my be physical, mental or spiritual. A healing session typically combines all the methods above and takes around 90 minutes 


The mind and body are connected. Yogic practices can be articulated to help our bodies and minds to heal faster and stay balanced.

The Yoga system goes beyond physical exercises and can include a mindset shift, breathing and cleansing techniques, meditation, and more. Yoga Therapy can help you with non-chronic conditions such as: 

  • Stress, Anxiety, Sleep Problems and Depression

  • Physical pains

  • Hypertension and weight loss.

Sessions are available via video call.

Duration: 5 to 10-day programs with 90-minute sessions. 

Let's schedule a 30-minute exploration call to see how I could help you. 


Rio's yoga therapy played a huge role in my recovery from injury. Already a fan of his breathworks and guided meditations, I reached out to Rio to help heal two slipped disks in my lower back. My body immediately responded in relief after our session, and what I appreciated most was receiving detailed instructions, encouragement and support for me to continue the practice on my own. I now practice every day and love the asanas, pranayama and mantras he chose for my specific problem. What makes Rio's approach to yoga special is his authentic Hatha background combined with his winning, friendly personality. Highly recommended. - Priscilla


Rio, is a wonderful calming soul with amazing vibes. He has helped me found my inner voice & voice my truth with the confidence that I never had. My intuition and clarity has immensely improved over the last 5 weeks. Nothing is seen with difficulty and if anything am embracing life as being lived. I feel truly blessed to have got to know and work with Rio. Muchas Gracias amigo!


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