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This course is perfect for experienced meditators. While monk-level expertise is not required, having a personal practice for some time is important. Our program holds particular value for Coaches, Therapists, Psychologists, and Well-being professionals. Elevate your client sessions with the transformative power of meditation, fostering clarity and grounding.

Uncover the superpower of being present. Through meditation, heighten emotional awareness and empower intentional actions, liberating individuals from mere reactions.

What will be taught?

This comprehensive training program empowers individuals to share the healing power of breathwork. Gain the confidence to guide others to release trauma and stuck emotions. Breathwork is a great way to access a higher state of consciousness and clarify our path. You will learn the skills to guide impactful private and group breathwork sessions.


In this immersive training, you will dive into the art and science of breathwork. Healing Breathwork is energy work. There will be an emphasis on the energetical and intuitive aspects of the practice. We will cover some aspects of breath biology but this is not a theoretical training. We will be working with energy, intuition, and holding space for emotional release.


Who should apply?


This is ideal for anyone with a call to do healing work. As a transformational life coach, I welcome other coaches, psychologists, and therapists. Healing Breathwork accelerates talk therapy by bringing out information stored inside the body.


There are 2 modules of 2 days each. This is a Group training and there is a One-to-one option as well. No experience is required. Any previous healing modalities will be beneficial : )


Module 1 focuses on guiding breathwork 1 to 1.

There will be some theory and a focus on intuition development. Also, plenty of practice. You will receive breathwork and also guide others in the group. We will cover:


✨The fundamentals of breathing.

✨Ethical aspects, like energy exchange, intuition, witnessing,

✨Boundaries, and creating a safe space.

✨Healing instruments, tools, instructions, and protocols


Module 2 focuses on guiding group sessions.


This includes:

✨Group dynamics, group energy, presence,

✨Ceremony, and facilitation techniques.

✨Gorup discussion and Q&A

✨Business Aspects


In both modules, you will engage in hands-on practice sessions. You will receive and give feedback, and deepen your understanding through group discussion. You will have access to online resources and a group for ongoing support.


There are 2 formats for this training:

  • Group Training. This takes place on the date advertised (over 2 consecutive weekends) and runs with a minimum of 4 people and 6 maximum

  • One-to-one Training. The timing of the one-to-one will be defined with each person. The one-to-one has the opportunity to assist with my public sessions at the SCHOOL OF PRANA.

Pricing and capacity


  • The group training will run with a minimum of 4 students. Module 1 is 550 EUR & Module 2 is 550 EUR. And the combined price is 1050 EUR. The maximum capacity is 6 people.

  • The one-to-one training is 1650 EUR. There are openings for 2 individuals per month between the 15th of August and the 30th of October 2023


How to pay

You may purchase a ticket on the website or text Rio to book via bank transfer.


Refunds: 14 days' notice or more gets 100%. 7 to 13 days' notice gets 50%. 7 days' or less gets 0% - In this case, your place will be kept for future training


For questions please text me on whatsapp at +51996538555 or via DM on Instagram @ rio.otoya

How to Register 

Who should take this training

This program is designed for individuals who resonate with the idea that "the best way to learn is to teach." To join, it is essential to have an existing meditation practice, regardless of whether you consider yourself a beginner or an experienced practitioner. We encourage regular meditation without relying on apps or recordings.

Class Size:

For an optimal learning experience, each group is limited to a maximum of 8 participants. If there is sufficient demand, additional groups with new dates will be opened.

Feel free to reach out via email to We're here to assist you!

What past students say about this training

"Rio is a fantastic teacher and has taught me a great deal in this short course. My goal for doing this course was to become confident enough to lead meditations or record meditations for my clients. I certainly feel that has been achieved!"


"I know a lot more about the background of meditation, the different types of meditation, how we enter the space and lead the meditations, and more!


"The course content is perfect for beginners or people that have some knowledge but like me were lacking in confidence. I would highly recommend this course as Rio really knows his stuff and I thoroughly enjoyed it!"


About the teacher

Rio is a Breathwork Facilitator and Holistic Coach, dedicated to guiding individuals on their path of self-discovery and personal growth. With over two decades of meditation practice, Rio brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to his teachings.

Since the year 2000, Rio has immersed himself in various meditation traditions, including Zen, Buddhist Metta Bhavana, Vipassana, Yogic Meditation, Shamanic Journey, Dance Meditation, and Healing Breathwork.

Rio is a triple-certified Yoga Teacher, integrating movement-based practices and pranayama breath mechanics into his teachings. He has also received specialized training at Google, including the "Search Inside Yourself" for emotional intelligence and the mindfulness facilitator training for well-being and sustainable performance initiatives.

With a unique blend of modern and traditional practices, Rio combines science-based methodologies with traditional approaches, creating a transformative and holistic experience for his clients. For more information about Rio's background, please click here

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"I cherish how much Rio cares about those he works with, how precise he is with language, and how he manages to take his clients on a journey towards insight and ultimately growth. And he always does so with a smile! Thank you, Rio!"

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