Holistic Coaching: Transpersonal and Transformational

Let me help you shine your light more fully.

What is holistic coaching and how does it work?

It is a form of transpersonal work that recognizes that we are mind, body and soul. My sessions integrate the mental element of conversation, in combination with a somatic element such as body awareness and breathing. This allows us to enter a deeper plane of experience.

Part of my training is to hold the space and guide intuitively, using different tools such as Yoga, Guided Meditation, Breathwork, Reiki, and/or Dreamwork (The Inner Advisor). Because of that, each person will experience a slightly different session. 

What to expect from a session? 

After or during a session with me, you will

  • Feel more clarity or inner peace

  • Release any trapped emotion or tension

  • Expand yourself, perhaps inhabiting your being with greater confidence

  • Reconnect with your sense of direction or personal sovereignty.

  • Or maybe you'll just feel super relaxed or like a weight was lifted off your shoulders.


Holistic Coaching helps us to work something deeply in a process of approximately that can take from 3 to 6 sessions. Each session is 90 minutes per Zoom. I am offering some free and discounted sessions as part of my service philosophy. (see below) Let's talk to see how I can help you.

We can schedule a free 30 minute call here

Group Coaching Session with Google during the Founders Lab workshop, San Francisco 2019.

Gift and discount sessions

  • One-off taster sessions: As an offering to God I offer a few free sessions per month The session is one per person, lasts about 75 minutes.

  • Coaching processes: I offer processes of 3 sessions at 80% discount (or 90 soles) to those who need the job but cannot afford it. I have availability for 2 or 3 people per month.

  • Terms and Conditions: for the gift and discount sessions I ask: 1/ A minimum 24 hours notice for any change - otherwise rebooking is chargeable 2 / Commit to leave me a short testimonial maximum 24 hours after our session. 3 / The free sessions will be recorded so I can review them to inform my thesis (part of my international accreditation of Transformational Coach **

¿Cómo Reservar?

We can schedule a free 30 minute call here Feel free to reach me on whatsapp at +51996538555 or email rio@riootoya.com - You may share this with a friend or family member who can benefit from my work.

What people say...

The holistic coaching session with Rio was really inspiring. In just an hour and a fraction of conversation, you gave me the perspective I needed to be able to see differently an aspect of myself that I wanted to change. Once the session was over I no longer wanted or needed to change it, but rather to accept and love it.

These days, and I have been applying what I have learned, with a lot of patience, without judging myself and without pressure.I must say that I have felt very comfortable in this process of coming to love my shadow.  I love this new way of looking at it! I thank you from all my heart! - Paula

** I am currently applying my "mileage" as a holistic coach to obtain an international accreditation in Transformational Coaching with the Animas School of Coaching - London.

Previously studied a personal coaching course with iDiscover360 in London in 2017 and received trainings with People development at Google between 2017 and 2019.

More about my training and experience on RioOtoya.com

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